Karfan þín er tóm

Hairdressing scissors are used for cutting hair. They can be used by hairstylists, barbers, and at home to cut your hair.

There are different sizes of hair scissors, and the most popular size for professional use is six and a half inches.

Larger sizes, like seven and a half inches, are used for cutting long hair, and the longest size is nine inches.

Barbershops are full of scissors as large as 7.5" inches, and some hairdressing salons have scissors that are even larger.

What haircutting techniques use longer hair scissors?

Longer hair scissors are used in a variety of haircutting techniques. The most popular techniques that use longer blades include:

  • Snarpur skurður: A blunt cut is when the hair is cut straight across, and it's a very popular haircutting technique for shorter hair.
  • Brautskráning: A graduation cut is when the hair is cut at an angle towards the neck, creating a graduated look.
  • Skæri-yfir-greiða: Scissor-over-combing is the most popular haircutting technique for longer hair. It's used to cut layers and gives a more polished and sleek look.
  • Lagskipting: Layering is when the hair is cut into shorter pieces, to create volume and movement.
  • Texturing: Texturizing is the technique of adding texture to the hair, and it can be done with scissors or a razor.